PlayersSeasonTeamMenci and Romero Join Together to Keep the Guaynabo Mets’ Dynasty Alive.

October 12, 20210

All-Star Cuban pin hitters Inovel Romero and Jorge “Menci” Mencia return to Puerto Rico to compete again with the Mets de Guaynabo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is not the first time the two have competed for the team as Menci competed for them back in 2014/15 and Romero, who played for them last year, winning the 2019/20 Puerto Rican League Championships.

The Mets de Guaynabo have been the most dominant team in the league in the past decade. They have found themselves on the podium every year since 2010. From that, they have even taken home the gold for the last four years straight, making them the team to beat this season. Another championship this year would put Guaynabo at third for total gold medals, tying with the Cafeteros de Yauco with seven gold medals.

The killer duo were monsters in the NVA this year, and they will surely do the same this season as the Mets look to solidify their dynasty. Paired with the NVA’s top setter from this year, Stunner’s Randy Ramirez, it has been near impossible for any other team to beat them so far. Already with a winning record of 6-1, the Mets are still the heavy favorites to win this year.

To stay connected with the team, be sure to go and follow the Guaynabo Mets (@metsvoleibol), Inovel Romero (@inovelromero_15), and Jorge Mencia (@menci_) on Instagram. On the team page, fans can find information about the players, upcoming games, and team sponsors. The Stingers wish the best of luck to these guys as they continue to represent Utah in such a great way.

“Volley On With the NVA!”

-NVA Staff Writer

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