SeasonTeamStingers Hire New Head Coach to Guide Them to Repeat Championship in 2021

April 20, 20210

Last year Coach Futi Tavana led the Stingers to the 2020 NVA Championship on their home court in Utah. This year the Stingers decided to hire a new head coach in Mike Daniel.

Daniel played on BYU’s Club Team in 1991. After college, he coached Pleasant Grove High School to two state championships and Professionally with the Women’s Pro team “The Utah Predators” where the team went undefeated in 1996.  He also served as an assistant coach at Penn State (1990), Utah Valley State College (1991) and BYU 2010 and 2011.

Owner Russell Holmes and Tavana reached out to Daniel and discussed the Stingers’ goals for the 2021 season. Daniel felt their goals were realistic; and philosophy were also in alignment with his coaching style. So he accepted the job. “I’m excited to be part of the Stingers’ organization and 100% dedicated to helping the players improve their skills and repeat as Champions.”

The Stingers have a solid group of local BYU and UVU collegiate talent, which gives them an advantage over the other nine teams. They are the odds on favorite to keep the championship trophy in Utah. But Daniel has another good reason for coaching the Stingers. He is passionate about volleyball and has always viewed himself as an ambassador of the sport. “I’m not just here to win a volleyball championship. I’m in it to grow it – meaning volleyball. And not just for Utah but for the NVA.”

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