NVASeasonStingers Knock Out Ramblers to Advance to Finals

November 9, 20200

Stingers Knock Out Ramblers to Advance to Finals

Set #1 – Stingers , Ramblers

Stingers open with three unanswered points on two OH kills and one OPP kill to 3-0. Ramblers side-out to 3-1 on a OH kill. Stingers and Ramblers trade points and at 4-1 Ramblers’ MB error increased Stingers’ lead to 5-1. But Ramblers slowly cut lead with an OPP kill, two Stingers’ hitting errors, two OH kills and tied the score at 7-7. Then took the lead on a Stingers’ net violation. Referee called a media timeout. Ramblers increased their lead to 9-7 on a OH kill. Stingers rallied back and tied the score with a OH kill to 9-9 and took the lead on two OH kills to 11-9. Ramblers called a timeout. Stingers scored another point on MB block point but gave up a point back to the Ramblers with a service error to 12-10. Ramblers returned the favor with their own service error. Stingers scored two straight points on Rambler hitting errors and add to their lead 15-10. Ramblers rallied to 15-13 on two OPP kills and one OH kill. Stingers countered with OPP kill and ace to 17-13. After Ramblers sided-out, Stingers started a service from a Ramblers’ service error, Stingers’ MB block point and MB kill to 20-15, then increased their lead to 22-16 on a OPP block point. Ramblers called their second timeout. Stingers add another point to their lead on a MB block point to 23-16. Four possessions later Stingers won set on a OH kill 25-19.

Stingers – 1 Ace, 12 Kills, 6 Block Point, 6 Opponent Errors; 100% Reception and 43% Hitting.

Ramblers – 11 Kills, 1 Block Point, 7 Opponent Errors; 90% Reception and 32% Hitting.

Set #2 – Stingers , Ramblers

Stingers start the second set with a service error that gave the Ramblers a 1-0 lead. After both teams sided-out to 2-2, Stingers took the lead with a MB block point and another point on a joust to 4-2. On the next 8 possessions both teams sided-out to 8-6. Referee called a media timeout. Both teams again traded points to a 10-10 tie. Then the Ramblers retook the lead 11-10 on a Stingers’ net violation. Ramblers and Stingers battled back and forth until 20-20 tie after a Stringer MB kill. On the next point Stingers took back the lead with a setter dump kill to 21-20. Ramblers countered with a OPP kill to 21-21. Four side-outs later at 23-23 a Ramblers’ service error and Stingers’ OPP kill won the match for the Stingers 25-23.

Stingers – 12 Kills, 3 Block Point, 10 Opponent Errors; 93% Reception and 60% Hitting.

Ramblers – 1 Ace, 15 Kills, 7 Opponent Errors; 100% Reception and 50% Hitting.

Set #3 – Stingers , Ramblers

Like the second set the Ramblers took the lead but this time on a OH kill. At 2-1 Ramblers increased their lead on a MB kill and OPP kill to 3-1. Three side-outs later Stingers tied the score at 4-4 on a Rambler service error. Ramblers took lead on next point from a Stingers’ service error to 5-4. Stingers tied the score on a MB kill to 5-5. Ramblers started a service run with a two MB kills and an OH kill and increased their lead to 8-5. Referee called a media timeout. Stingers sided-out to 8-6. Then at 9-9 Stingers took the lead on a Ramblers’ hitting error. Thanks to a Stingers’ service error Ramblers tied the score and then retook the lead with a OPP block point to 11-10. After both teams sided-out to a 13-13 tie, Stingers retook the lead again with a OPP kill to 14-13 and added another point on a Ramblers’ hitting error to 15-13. After a Stingers’ service error at 16-15, the Stingers scored three consecutive points on MB block point, Ramblers’ hitting error and setter error to 19-15. Ramblers cut the deficit on two service runs. One at 19-16 on a Stingers’ service error and Ramblers’ OH kill. Then at 20-18 on a OPP and OH kill to 20-19. After a Stingers’ OH kill at 23-20. Ramblers called a timeout. Ramblers scored two straight points on a OH kill and Stingers’ hitting error to 23-22. Stingers’ sided-out on a MB kill and then won the set and match on a Ramblers’ hitting error 25-23.

Stingers – 1 Ace, 9 Kills, 3 Block Points, 12 Opponent Errors; 94% Reception and 33% Hitting.

Ramblers – 12 Kills, 2 Block Points, 8 Opponent Errors; 88% Reception and 43% Hitting.

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