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November 6, 20200

November 5, 2020 Match #5 Stingers Vs Tyrants

Stingers Swarm Tyrants in 3 Sets

Set #1 – Stingers 26, Tyrants 24

Tyrants jumped out to a 3-0 lead from 2 kills and a Stingers’ hitting error. Stingers countered quickly with a side-out and block point to reduce the Tyrants lead to 5-3. The Tyrants increased their lead from 9-6 to 15-8 after a dig, kill and block point and Stingers’ hitting error and over pass kill. Stingers finally stopped the bleeding at 15-9. But the Tyrants increased their lead on a block point to 17-10. Stingers scored three consecutive points back on a two kills and a block and rallied to 19-16. But the Tyrants answered with a side-out, block and Stingers’ hitting error to increase their lead again to 22-16. Stingers followed up with a 3-point run from two kills and a Tyrants’ hitting error to reduce the lead to 23-22. A Stinger service error gave the Tyrants a 24-23 lead. But the Stingers rallied to take a 25-24 lead after a Tyrants’ service error and a block. Both teams sided out and then the Stingers won the set point on a block.


Stingers  – 13 Kills, 5 Block Points and 8 Opponent Errors; 88% Reception and 45% Hitting.


Tyrants – 2 Aces, 13 Kills, 4 Block Points and 5 Opponent Errors; 87% Reception and 46% Hitting.



Set # 2 – Stingers 25, Tyrants 21

The Stingers jumped out to a 4-0 lead from 3 kills and a Tyrants’ hitting error. Another Tyrants’ hitting error increased the Stingers’ lead to 6-1. But the Tyrants bounce back with 3 consecutive points to 6-4. Stingers sided out and score two more points off a block, Tyrants’ hitting error and an ace  to take a 11-5 lead. Stingers continued to increase their lead to 14-6 with two kills. Tyrants rallied with good defense and kills and an ace to cut the lead to 17-15. Stingers quickly countered with a solid kill to 18-16. Then, increased their lead to 21-16 with three consecutive kills. Tyrants rallied back to 22-19. But the Stingers scored two consecutive points to 24-19. Tyrants sided out and then scored on their serve 24-21. Stingers won the set with a kill.


Stingers  – 1 Ace, 12 Kills, 1 Block Point and 11 Opponent Errors; 81% Reception and 40% Hitting.


Tyrants – 1 Aces, 12 Kills, 2 Block Points and 6 Opponent Errors; 87% Reception and 46% Hitting.


Set #3 – Stingers 25, Tyrants 21

Tyrants took an early one point lead 4-3. At 7-7 the Stingers scored a point on a Tyrant hitting error to take the lead 8-7. The Tyrants tied it at 9-9 and took the lead with a block and followed up with two kills off the block to extend their lead to 12-9. Stingers countered with two clean kills and one off the block to tie the set 12-12. The Stinger rally ended on a hitting error that gave the Tyrants a one point lead at13-12. Stingers bounce back with two consecutive kills and took the lead 14-13. At 15-15 Tyrants regained the lead on a clean kill at 16-15. Both teams continued to side-out until 19-19 and then the Stingers’ took the lead on a kill 21-19. Tyrants called a time out to regroup and sided-out with a kill and then tied the game with a block point 21-21. Stingers counter with a clean kill 22-21, followed it with another kill and took a 23-21 lead. A Tyrant’s hitting error sets up set and match point at 24-21. The set and match ends with a Stingers’ block point.


Stingers  – 1 Ace, 18 Kills, 5 Block Points and 8 Opponent Errors; 94% Reception and 64% Hitting.


Tyrants – 2 Aces, 13 Kills, 1 Block Points and 5 Opponent Errors; 100% Reception and 52% Hitting.

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